If you ever get a ghost jellyfish in the attic, just let it chill there.

It’s not like you use the attic for much anyway.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1:
Jason sits in a large shapeless chair. The Funnland Welcome song™ is playing over and over above him. The words “Welcome to Funnland! Fun! Fun! Funn!” continue to appear at the top of every frame of the strip.
Jason looks nervous.
JASON: (thinking) Man, this chair is uncomfortable. Wait ... Is ... Is this the same song?
CAPTION: Orientation, Minute Two. Mental State: Confused.
Frame 2:
The Funnland song continues. Jason looks down nervously.
JASON: (thinking) It is! It's still playing! Maybe I died in line and this is hell... That would explain the ugly, painful chair.
CAPTION: Minute three. Mental State: Anxious.
Frame 3:
As the song plays on, Jason has shut his eyes in a futile attempt to retain his sanity.
JASON: (thinking) Ignore the song. You can fight this. You can fight this! You can fight thi- Welcome to Funnland! Fun! Fun! Funn! Auuughhhhh!
CAPTION: Minute 20. Mental State: Unstable.
Frame 4:
That’s right, the song still hasn’t stopped. Now a strange spectral entity hovers in front of Jason’s face. It is a spooking-looking blob with little tendrils hanging down from it.
JASON: Oh, hello Ghost Jellyfish. How are you?
GHOST JELLYFISH: Ohhh, you know ...
CAPTION: Hour 13. Mental State: Pretty Much Bonkers.