Mr. Gorgon is our favorite character.

↓ Transcript
Frame 1:
We see Mr. Gorgon in profile. He stands behind a podium with a little microphone on it. He smiles gleefully as he speaks
MR GORGON: New employees, welcome to Funnland, “Your home away from home … where you have to work all the time.”™ My name is Mr. Gorgon.
Frame 2:
We see Mr. Gorgon from the front. He is smiling and looks like a cobra with too many teeth.
MR GORGON: During this orientation, I’d like to remind you that here at the park we’re just like a family. Except, instead of wise old uncles and genial grandparents, you have bosses you must obey without question.
Frame 3:
Mr. Gorgon, once again in profile, has closed his eyes, and is clearly comfortable with what he has said so far and what he is about to say.
MR GORGON: As Funnland CEO, I feel I can be brutally honest with you, because none of you have (or will ever have) enough social or political power to interfere with my Machiavellian schemes.
Frame 4:
Mr. Gorgon looks angry. He has clearly been holding back some of his rage throughout the whole speech.
MR GORGON: Unfortunately, even though I run a multinational corporation, today I find myself forced to play babysitter to a bunch of talentless unhirables.
VOICE FROM CROWD: But … Funnland just hired us.
GORGON: That wasn’t my call!