He’s getting high off the opulence.

↓ Transcript
Still behind the microphone, Mr. Gorgon looks straight at us as he talks. He still has an angry expression on his hideous face.
MR. GORGON: Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead talking to you wretched peons. But the Board is punishing me for corporate espionage and general shiftiness. Soooo here I am.
We move a few feet back from Gorgon. He is talking to the other characters who are sitting in movie-theater-style seats. Gorgon gestures toward a large screen to his left.
MR. GORGON: Now watch this brief instructional video on the history of Funnland while I go outside and smoke the various rare illegal substances my massive wealth affords.
Gorgon leaves. The screen now displays the beginning of an old film: the film is faded and damaged. The screen reads “Decaying Productions presents ‘Funnland: America’s Funnest Land’ © Copyright 1971.
We are now outside the auditorium. With his eyes closed, Mr. Gorgon is leaning against a brick wall. A sign above him has an arrow pointing toward the “Arthur Funn Memorial Orientation Center.”
Musical notes float around the words of the out-of-frame orientation movie.
ORIENTATION MOVIE: It’s time for the Orientation Song! Welcome to Funnland Fun! Fun! Funn!
Mr. Gorgon is smoking a large cigar.
MR GORGON: (thinking) Mmmmm. Napoleon’s ashes wrapped in snow leopard bacon.